Amit Mishra – Shahid Afridi Advice for Virat Kohli Receives Reaction

Shahid Afridi’s advice to Virat Kohli, “Some Retire Only Once,” receives a response from Amit Mishra.

Former India spinner Amit Mishra responded angrily to Shahid Afridi’s proposal that Virat Kohli retire.

Shahid Afridi, a former Pakistan all-rounder, gave Indian star Virat Kohli retirement advise. Amit Mishra, a former leg-spinner for India, responded sharply. According to Afridi, Kohli should retire anytime he makes the decision to do so, and it shouldn’t happen because he has been cut from the team. Amit Mishra wrote in response to an article on Afridi’s remarks. “Dear Afridi, please save Virat Kohli from all this since some people only retire once.”

Mishra’s remark was inspired by Afridi, who frequently announced his retirement before changing his mind.

“I think there is a time when you are approaching retirement. The goal at this point should be to finish strong, Afridi had stated on Samaa TV. “The manner in which Virat played, and the successful start to his career. Before he became well-known, he had to overcome obstacles and work hard. He is a champion, and I think you reach a point where retiring is inevitable.

Few athletes, particularly cricket players from Asia, choose to do it. Virat will likely conclude his career in same fashion to how he started it, but I think he will do it well when he does. When you are at your best, you should announce your retirement rather than when you are let go from the squad.

Kohli endured a protracted dry period before finding his form and style again in the Asia Cup.

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