Chandrakant Pandit revealed -Two days leave

Chandrakant Pandit revealed why he gave two days of leave

Why Did Madhya Pradesh Skipper Only Get Two Days of Leave for the Wedding? by Chandrakant Pandit

Aditya Shrivastava and Chandrakant Pandit’s Madhya Pradesh team defeated Mumbai by six wickets on Sunday to win the Ranji Trophy for the first time.

To win their first championship, Madhya Pradesh defeated Mumbai in the Ranji Trophy 2021–22 final on Sunday. Ever since Mumbai was defeated in the first innings, the team coached by Chandrakant Pandit had one hand on the prized trophy. When MP later outscored Mumbai for 269 runs in their second innings to eventually chase down the 108-run goal with six wickets in hand on the last day. They also accomplished the formality very handily.

Since their victory on Sunday, Pandit and his team have received praise for their perseverance in bringing MP its first-ever Ranji Trophy victory. The coach’s work ethics is well known to all, but his most recent admission has raised more questions about him.

The MP captain Aditya Shrivastava received just two days of leave from the coach last year for his wedding, the coach admitted.

“One must give up something in order to succeed. Last year, when Aditya was getting married, he asked me what time would be best. And I informed him that I could only release him for the festivities for two days “Pandit stated as cited by the news source PTI.

Shrivastava, on the other hand, remarked lightheartedly! : I got married last year but I haven’t even gone on a 10-day vacation with my wife.

Notably, the previous Ranji Trophy final for Madhya Pradesh before 2022 occurred all the way back in 1999.

At the time, Pandit was the captain, and his side had fallen to Karnataka. By chance, the final from 23 years ago was held at the same stadium where MP won their first championship on Sunday. It is Bengaluru’s M Chinnaswamy Stadium.

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