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FIFA WORLD CUP 2030: UK and Ireland drop 2030 bid to focus on Euro 2028

The UK and Ireland Associations have agreed to not bid and participate for 2030 FIFA World Cup and agreed to focus on a joint bid to host Euro 2028.

“I think we’ve been very clear as all the UEFA countries — we didn’t think that a biennial World Cup either in men’s or women’s was a good idea,” English FA chief executive Mark Bullingham said on Monday, revealing his opposition for the first time to reporters. “We don’t believe that they’ll come to fruition. So we’re stepping back again.

“We looked at the two opportunities in front of us and the 2028 Euros is very clear as an opportunity. A very clear timeline.”

Countries to bid for hosting 2030

From Europe Spain and Portugal are pursing for a joint bid along with Morocco from Africa possibly also involved

Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Chile will coalte from South American Countries will bid to host 2030 World Cup.

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