Harbhajan Singh is mocked by internet trolls for laughing at Shahid Afridi.

The cricketer slams the trolls who made fun of Harbhajan Singh for smiling at Shahid Afridi’s insult of Gautam Gambhir.

Online trolls had been making fun of Harbhajan Singh for allegedly giggling at Shahid Afridi’s jibe at Gautam Gambhir during an India-Pakistan debate on television.

India’s greatest spinner Harbhajan Singh faced criticism on social media after being captured on camera giggling when former Pakistan all-rounder Shahid Afridi claimed during a speech that Gautam Gambhir was despised even by Indian players. The trolls’ assertion that they “simply want to have some fun” was rejected by Harbhajan, who asserted that they are merely trying to upset him in order to get a reaction from him. He proclaimed that they are all on the same squad and that every Indian player is his “brother.”

“These people only want to have fun, nothing else. Sports Tak overheard Harbhajan say, “They are paid to create issues in other people’s work so that I may respond or say anything.

I won’t go into detail about our excellent friendship or how close Gautam and I are. These people enjoy turning everything into a major occasion,” he continued.

“So that people can behave anyway they choose. The only piece of advise I can provide is to act human. You are a human being by birth, so stop behaving like an animal, said Harbhajan.

“You remark that I made Gautam laugh, but do you get the circumstance? Curd had fallen onto my feet when I glanced down to check if anything else had. But you didn’t know that since you were just fixated on my face, he continued.

“I do, however, support every Indian player. Being Indian makes me happy. In addition, I couldn’ care less what people are saying on social media. four times, not just once. Being an Indian makes me proud, and Gautam is my brother. The former spinner made a decision.

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