How to do Betting Online in India?

Getting started with online gambling can seem like a very complicated task, but we assure you, It’s very easy once you get the hang of it! In this article, We provide step by step instructions on how to get started with online gambling in India.

Gambling and India, things have always been sort of ‘in the dark’ when we speak of the two of them together. The minds of millions of aspiring Indian gamblers are filled with puzzling questions. With all the controversies surrounding conventional gambling in India, online betting seems like a viable option. Do you find yourself wondering how you can get started with online betting in India? What is its legal status? Can you make a profit? If yes, how to go about it?

All the questions mentioned above and many more will be answered through this article. We are going to focus in depth on the critical aspects of online gambling in India. From how to get started to guiding you through the process, we have got it all covered.

How to get started with online betting

There are two main factors you need to take into account before getting started with online betting. The first step is the selection of a betting site. For countries where betting is more comfortable, people don’t have to face any hassles. But states with confusing gambling laws can make it difficult for players to put money out on the table.

As far as sports betting and gambling on various events is concerned, there are different reputed online bookies. You can bet on games, casinos, live betting, and sports right here, of course. Some other reputed betting sites include Satsport, Jio Exchange, O2 Exchnage, etc.

Secondly, Something that can give you the required kick start is free bets. Beginners are not aware of how to put your cards out there in the game of skill. Before they deal with real money, practicing with free bets is highly recommended. Most platforms offer free bets as a welcome bonus or as promotional offers for regular users. Before you dive into the game of gambling, make sure your research is thorough.

How to gamble online in India: Step by Step Process

Let’s dive into the details and understand step-by-step how to safely bet online.

1. Provide accurate information to the betting website to ensure a transparent deposit and withdrawal of funds. You can rest assured of the security of the data entered as these sites use proper encryption to ensure the safety of sensitive information. Most of them are regulated by the government, so the chances of fraud are almost null. Once you have successfully created your account, it is time to move on to the next step.

2. After signing up comes the stage where users have to make their very first deposit. google-pay,phonepay and paytm are the safest options for depositing funds in online betting websites. You can create an account on any one of them and add your card or bank account to make the payment. Add the required amount to your Gpay, Phonepay or Paytm.


3. Go to the site where you have signed up and select the option to deposit the payment. Use Phonepay, Gpay or Paytm as the payment option and enter the amount. You might also be required to enter the account ID and the password to complete the transaction. Take actions as prompted and carry out the deal. Users are notified when the transaction is complete.

4. When you have sufficient funds in your bookie account, you can bet on any game, event, sport, casino, etc. If you win, your share of profit will be transferred to you after you go through the withdrawal process of the particular website. After withdrawing your funds, select the amount. This amount will be credited to your Phonepay, Gpay or Paytm. It’s the same account you used while making your deposit. You can then withdraw the entire amount to your bank without any hassles.

5. For completing the KYC, all customers are required to provide an ID card with one utility bill. You can also submit your bank account statement for verifying your address as long as it is within a 90 days time span.

payment optionPhonepay, Gpay and Paytm are the best ways to deposit for Indian customers.

How to be a profitable player

No one joins a betting website with an intention to lose. Before diving into the unpredictable world of online gambling, most potential players mistake it to be a fairyland where they can become millionaires overnight. While it is not completely unlikely in the game of luck, it isn’t a common occurrence too. To be a profitable wager, you need to be a skilled player. On that note, let us take a look at some tips that can act as a guide to make help you earn profits.

1. Have In-depth Knowledge Of Your Sport

A game is not about winning and losing and neither is a bet. You lose, you recover. But if you don’t know the game from the inside out, pretty soon you might lose all that you gained. Thus, it is recommended that before betting on a sport, know every detail so that your predictions are more accurate than newbies. It eliminates the competition at the root if you are thorough with your game.

2. Try various Bookmakers

As we all know by now, almost all bookmakers give lucrative welcome bonuses to entice customers. Make sure you avail the benefit of a welcome offer to the fullest. When you shop around, you will come across the betting platform that has the best rates and the odds for your sport. Plus, the welcome bonuses together can amount to a significant portion of your profits!

3. The Less The Better

Wait, what? As far as I’ve heard, it’s the opposite, right? In most cases, yes, it is. But in the online betting world, if we speak in terms of selections for a bet, the fewer, the better. You stand a better chance of winning if you include fewer selections in the bet you place. Many players make the mistake of thinking too big when it comes to succeeding regarding money. Singles are responsible for making bookies lose massive sums.

4. Take Control Over Your Temptations

Blindly going for a bet after seeing a lucrative odd doesn’t work well in the long run. Long shot bets on odds on selection can cost you a lot. Even though it seems too good to ignore, Pooling in massive amounts in the hope of winning quick cash doesn’t always fare as planned. A single loss can make your entire bet go down which is not worth all the effort.

5. Think With Your Mind

You have to be extremely pragmatic and open-minded while betting. At times, you might not like the odds of your favorite team losing. Most people who treat sports as religion make the mistake of gambling with their hearts. If you want a further explanation of this error method, ask an emotional Indian trying to place a bet on a cricket match between India and Pakistan. Your heart makes you believe that your favorite team is going to be victorious. If your heart continues to hypnotize your skills, you will be at a significant loss before even realizing.

Betting is an activity that fills the player with a sense of immense excitement. Gambling sure is a risky activity. But how much you risk entirely depends on you. As long as you make the most out of your bet, You are highly unlikely to suffer the wrath of a massive defeat. Be wise, and you won’t experience a significant loss. Be negligent and gambling can turn your world upside down!


With the rise in online betting and the Indian Law Commission persuading the government to make amends, It is likely that gambling can be a regulated activity shortly. Since the Indian Government has been dormant on the subject of gambling for a long time, it indicates that no objections are raised. The fact that the authorities have not prohibited online gambling is itself a hint that the activity has a bright future in the country.

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