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Ian Chappell ends career in 45 years

Former Australian captain Ian Chappell retires after his 45-year career as a commentator.

Former Australia captain Ian Chappell has decided to stop his 45-year stint as a commentator. Chappell, 78, was revered all around the world for his scathing ideas and was honored for expressing them in a democratic manner. According to Chappell, who spoke with the Sydney Morning Herald, he has been thinking about taking a long break from commentary. “I still clearly remember the day I made the decision to stop playing cricket. On a playday, I glanced at the clock at five past eleven and thought, “S**t, if you’re clock-watching at that hour. According to Ian Chappell and ESPNcricinfo, I must leave.

Ian Chappell decided to engage in commentary after quitting international cricket. Thus, he captained Australia in 30 of his 75 Test matches. The other members of the renowned Channel Nine broadcast team that Ian Chappell had been a part of were Richie Benaud, Bill Lawry, and Tony Greig.

“Kerry [Packer, the media billionaire who ran Channel Nine] wanted to dismiss me a number of times. He used to have fits playing one-day cricket since it was his obsession. I believe I also mentioned one-day cricket. Kerry was like to a storm that you had to wait to deal with until it passed, according to Chappell.

“It’s up to them to decide what they think of me, and some could say I’ve been fine. Consequently, some people might think I’m a jerk. That doesn’t concern me at all, he added.

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