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IPL Bio Bubble Rules

IPL 2022 is commencing from 26th March 2022. BCCI has put some IPL Bio Bubble Rules so that there is no violations in protocols during the season.

Last season players started testing positive and IPL was postponed midway in Indian leg, unfortunately was shifted to UAE later in September for second half. Taking that into consideration BCCI has set new IPL Bio Bubble Rules & protocols for players, tea officials and their family members.

Franchises and players will pay a big prize if there is a breach in IPL Bio Bubble Rules.

Sanctions for player, team official and match official

First Offence – He/she will be quarantined for 7 days and more provided in Health & Safety protocols. Players to be fined 100% on numbers of matches they missed.

Second Offence – Person committing offence for the second time will serve one match ban with no pay plus mandatory re-quarantine.

Third Offence – Person committing offence for the third time will suffer massive blow as he would be removed from the squad for rest of the season & the Franchise won’t receive any replacement Player.

Sanctions for family member

First Offence – Family member breaching protocol would face quarantine of 7 days along with the player, team and match official with 100% match fees on number of matches missed.

Second Offence – Family member will be removed from bubble for rest of the season. Player, team and match official will be quarantined for 7 days with 100% match fees on number of matches missed.

Other Bubble Breach Sanctions

Breach – Allowing a family member or friend is considered a breach.


First Offence – Franchise to pay a fine of INR 1 cr.

Second Offence– Deduction of 1 point from the points table.

Third Offence – Deduction of 2 points from the points table.

Breach – If franchise is unable to field a team of 12 players

Sanction – BCCI will attempt to reschedule the match. IPL technical team decision would be final and binding.

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