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Meg Lanning talks about Cricket In Olympics

Cricket at the Olympics would be great, says Australia’s Meg Lanning.

Meg Lanning, the captain of the Australian women’s squad, believes that cricket’s participation in the upcoming Commonwealth Games might significantly increase its chances of being included in the Olympics.

Meg Lanning, the captain of the Australian women’s squad, is hoping that cricket’s participation at the next Commonwealth Games will help the sport gain entry into the Olympics. Lanning and company will compete at the Birmingham championship, which begins on July 28, as cricket makes its first appearance at the Commonwealth Games since 1998.

So when cricket was added to the quadrennial competition more than 20 years ago, the Australian men’s team won silver.

“The Olympics should include cricket. In particular, in order to expand the game’s viewership, “told BBC Sport, Lanning.

It would let various folks understand how the game would significantly aid in its expansion in other nations, notably for women. The following Olympic games will be held in Paris in 2024, Los Angeles in 2028, and Brisbane in 2032.

Lanning predicts that the sport will eventually be included.

Lanning continued, “I’m not really sure what it takes to get it into the Olympics. But from the players’ standpoint, it would be wonderful.

I would love to do it, but if it were to take place, I believe it would likely happen after I had completed performing. At Edgbaston, a 10-day women’s T20 competition featuring eight nations will take place this time, and Lanning will attempt to help her team win the gold.

“We see it as a very special opportunity. We want to take home the gold “Lanning declared.

Our team is quite enthusiastic about it. It’s a fresh challenge, and I believe our team is ready for it right now. Australia had won the ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup in New Zealand under Lanning’s direction.

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