Pak vs Aus

Pak vs Aus: ICC rates Pitch below Average

Pak vs Aus Test series have started in Pakistan after a span of 24 years Australia is touring Pakistan.

The Pak vs Aus series didn’t start well as it need too because of the flat pitch. A total of 1187 runs were scored with a loss of 14 wickets during the 5 days of play.

Ranjan Madgulle the match referee rated the Pindi Cricket Stadium match as “below average”. According to this the venue would receive one demerit point under ICC Pitch and Outfield Monitoring Process.  Below average receives one demerit point, Poor receives 3 demerit point and Unfit receives 5 demerit points.

Match referee Madugalle report stated: “The character of the pitch hardly changed over the course of five days and that there has been no deterioration apart from the bounce getting slightly lower. The pitch did not have a great deal of pace and bounce in it for the seamers nor assisted the spinners as the match progressed. In my view this does not represent an even contest between bat and ball. Therefore, in keeping with the ICC guidelines I rate this pitch as below average.”

The pitch remained flat through the 5 days of play with no much assistance for bowlers. The 2nd Test match would be starting from 12th March in Karachi. Fans would be hoping for some action in the 2nd test match.

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