Pakistan skipper unhappy with Ramiz Raja

Former Pakistan skipper unhappy with Ramiz Raja’s decision to “Ask The Chairman To Go Around”

The decision by the chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board to import Australian soil to create drop-in pitches in the nation did not sit well with the former captain.

Salman Butt, a former captain, is not pleased with Ramiz Raja, the head of the Pakistan Cricket Board, for bringing Australian soil to the nation to build drop-in pitches. Butt, who is currently the head coach of the Singapore cricket team, believes that all types of pitches are available in Pakistan and that the management should use the soil from locations like Diamond Cricket Club (Islamabad) and Quetta, which provides good pace and bounce, rather than importing soil from Australia.

“In Pakistan, there are all different kinds of pitches. Use the dirt from Diamond if you want bounce and pace (Islamabad). There is a lot of bounce and pace on the Quetta pitch as well. Instead of importing dirt from Australia, ask the chairman to visit and inspect the pitches in Pakistan “In a video posted on his YouTube channel, Butt added.

“He should unquestionably examine the pitches and determine what causes the tempo and bounce. The pitch is dry and the bowl moves quickly in Quetta. So why they don’t get this information is beyond me. And even if they do, I have no idea why they are so fixated on it. However, if he’s determined, let him import the soil “Added he.

For creating lifeless tracks during Pakistan’s historic home series against Australia earlier this year, the PCB came under fire.

So in actuality, the ICC gave the Rawalpindi pitch used for the first Test a “below ordinary” rating.

Pakistan ultimately fell 0–1 in the three-match series.

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