PV Sindhu Loses Temper over Wrong Decision

PV Sindhu got off to a terrific start in the Badminton Asia Championships semi-final. But she couldn’t keep it up, losing 21-13, 19-21, 16-21 to Akane Yamaguchi of Japan.

PV Sindhu Angry Over Bad decision by Referee resulting in Losing the Match settled for Bronze Medal

Sindhu lost in three games against Akane Yamaguchi of Japan in the Badminton Asia Championships semi-final on Saturday, and had to settle for a bronze medal. The 26-year-old Indian Olympic medalist got off to a good start in the match but couldn’t keep it up, losing 21-13, 19-21, 16-21 against top seed and world No. 2 Yamaguchi in a one-hour and six-minute contest.

However, Sindhu’s relationship with the chair umpire was rocky, as the Indian thought, she was the victim of a bad call that influenced the match’s outcome. Sindhu had won the first game 21-13 and was leading the second game 14-11 when the dispute erupted. The fourth-seeded Sindhu given a point penalty for taking too long to serve between points at this moment, which led to a disagreement with the chair umpire. PV Sindhu Angry over the Referee for an Harsh Decision

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The two-time Olympic medalist was spotted fighting with the referee, claiming that she needed more time to serve since her opponent was not ready. But her pleadings were ignored, and Yamaguchi was docked one point.

Yamaguchi battled back and won the game to advance to the third game of the match. The Japanese won the semi-final after dominating the third game.

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