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Sarfaraz Ahmed Was An Active Captain Whereas Babar Azam

“Sarfaraz Ahmed Was An Active Captain Whereas Babar Azam,” a Pakistani star contrasts the two.

Sarfaraz Ahmed won the 2017 Champions Trophy for the Pakistan cricket team, while Babar Azam has shown promise as a talented skipper.

Babar Azam’s career graph is sloping upward. He is the best hitter in the world for both ODIs and T20Is, according to the ICC rankings. In testing, he came in fourth. Every athlete wants to finish first in every competition, but this takes commitment and work. Babar recently reportedly observed, “It’s not like you take it easy just because you’re the greatest in one or two formats,” as quoted on the ICC’s official website. “If you want to win all three, you must keep yourself in condition and on time. The pause is shorter because cricket games are played back-to-back. You must be very fit for that. I’m giving it some thought. White-ball is going well, and maybe I can continue that success in Test matches as well, he continued. He continued, “White-ball is going well, and maybe I can carry that success over to Test matches as well.”

For Pakistan, Azam is the team’s captain. Although he has not yet won an ICC event as a vice captain, Pakistan reached to the semifinal of the 2021 T20 World Cup under his leadership. The two players that led Pakistan to victory in the 2017 Champions Trophy, Azam and Sarfaraz Ahmed, have been compared in terms of leadership style by all-around player Shadab Khan.

“Babar Azam keeps his cool and displays fewer emotions on the field than Sarfaraz does. Although Babar originally had pressure as captain, he is now well-adjusted, according to him. Cricket Pakistan highlighted Shadab’s allegation in a tweet.

Former Pakistani captain Javed Miandad recently underlined that Babar has led the team from the front and that the team is playing more cohesively under his leadership.

“Both our players and our top captain deserve praise for the cohesive play of our team. Babar is our swaggering skipper. He commanded the team admirably while remaining calm. Miandad said in a video he uploaded to his YouTube channel

According to Miandad, Babar hasn’t let being the captain interfere with his performance, which can happen occasionally. The fact that he is excelling in his own performance is the most important factor. He takes the initiative from the front. When a captain consistently underperforms, it negatively affects the team and leads to his dismissal. Now an adult, Babar Azam. Miandad, who participated in 233 ODIs and 124 Tests for Pakistan, claimed that as long as he plays, he should be the team’s captain.

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