Top 10 Players Who Have Taken Most Wickets in ODI For India

Top 10 Players: Who Have Taken Most Wickets in ODI For India

The Indian team has always had a good bowler. This is due to the fact that India has produced some of the world’s most talented bowlers. In ODI cricket, however, India was not a prominent unit for their bowling. Initially, Indian bowlers were unable to bowl well as a unit against strong teams. However, new-generation bowlers who can take wickets in any condition have emerged since the beginning of 2010. Anil Kumble, Kapil Dev, Zaheer Khan, J Srinath, and other bowlers have given batsmen nightmares with their outstanding bowling. However, only two Indian bowlers have more than 300 ODI wickets. Let’s talk about the bowlers who have taken the most wickets.


List of Top 10 Players with the Most Wickets in One-Day Internationals


Anil Kumble

Anil Kumble is a legend in Indian cricket and one of the most experienced players in the world. Kumble bowls quickly and can put the batsman under pressure with his hostile approach. On September 22, 1990, he played his first ODI against Sri Lanka, and he went on to play 263 more innings for India until 2008. Anil Kumble has also played 269 matches for India as a bowler, the most ever by an Indian bowler. He has taken wickets in more than half of his total innings and has an average of three wickets per game. With 334 wickets, he has more ODI wickets than any other Indian player. He has a 30.83 average and a 4.29 economy. He also has two 5-wicket hauls and eight 4-wicket hauls to his name. His best figures against the West Indies were 6/12.

MatchesInningsWicketsAverageBest Strike RateBBIEconomy5-wickets4-wickets


Javagal Srinath

Former Indian paceman Javagal Srinath played 313 One-Day Internationals for his country, taking 315 wickets. In his 13-year career, he is the only pacer to have played more than 300 One-Day Internationals for India. Srinath holds the record for the most five-wicket hauls (3) among Indian seamers. He has a 28.08 average and a 4.44 economy. His best performance was on 5/23 against Bangladesh.

MatchesInningsWicketsAverageBest Strike RateBBIEconomy5-wickets4-wickets


Ajit Agarkar

If you ask Indians who they believe is the most lethal bowler in ODIs and Tests, Ajit Agarkar is likely to come out on top. His exceptional out-swing deliveries and ability to catch batsmen off their feet to give them a tough time have contributed to his 288 ODI wickets. With a bowling average of 27.85, he ranks second only to Kapil Dev among Indian bowlers (27.81). He has ten four-fers, a record among Indian bowlers, and two five-wicket hauls. He has a 5.07 economy and his best figures of 6/42 against Australia.

MatchesInningsWicketsAverageBest Strike RateBBIEconomy5-wickets4-wickets


Zaheer Khan

Zaheer Khan left one of the greatest imprints on Indian cricket history. He possessed all of the qualities required of a top-level cricketer. He was a fantastic bowler and fielder. His bowling had a lot of reverse swing, which he relied on exclusively under pressure. Zaheer became one of the most successful ODI bowlers thanks to his unrivaled bowling action and incredible control over his speed. He was a member of India’s World Cup-winning teams in 2012 and 2013, taking the most wickets in both tournaments. The ex-Indian left-arm seamer picked up 269 wickets in ODIs for India, which makes him the 4th highest wicket-taker. He has seven 5-wicket hauls in his career and a bowling average of 30.11. His best bowling performance was 5/42 against Sri Lanka.

MatchesInningsWicketsAverageBest Strike RateBBIEconomy5-wickets4-wickets


Harbhajan Singh

Harbhajan Singh, an Indian off-spinner, has taken the fifth most wickets (265) in ODIs for India. Harbhajan’s career spanned 17 years (1998-2017). He was also a member of India’s World Cup-winning team in 2011. His economy in the 50-over format was commendable (4.30). He has a 33.47 average and has taken three 5-wicket hauls. His best bowling performance was 5/31 against England.

MatchesInningsWicketsAverageBest Strike RateBBIEconomy5-wickets4-wickets


Kapil Dev

Kapil Dev is India’s sixth-most successful captain and sixth-highest ODI wicket-taker. He is considered one of the best all-rounders in cricket history, and he has been named one of India’s top ten ODI wicket-takers. Kapil used to bowl unplayable out-swinging deliveries, averaging 6 wickets and 375 runs per game. He also has the highest bowling average (27.45) among the top ten ODI wicket-takers. With 1008 matches under his belt as of today, Kapil holds the record for most matches played by any Indian cricketer. In his career, he has three 5-wicket hauls. His 253 wickets place him sixth on the list of most ODI wickets by an Indian.

MatchesInningsWicketsAverageBest Strike RateBBIEconomy5-wickets4-wickets


Venkatesh Prasad

While Prasad’s bowling career was brief (he retired in 2001), it was anything but ordinary. During the late 1990s, he was one of India’s most successful ODI bowlers, with an average economy rate of 4.47 and a strike rate of 32.20. He had the seventh most ODI wickets (196). His record is even more impressive when you consider that he only played eight years, which is more than three times the number of games most international players play in their careers. Among Indians, he had the most wickets in international cricket in the shortest amount of time played.

MatchesInningsWicketsAverageBest Strike RateBBIEconomy5-wickets4-wickets


Ravindra Jadeja

It’s unusual to find a player like Ravindra Jadeja. He’s not only an excellent all-rounder but also a great fielder and batsman. Jadeja has been playing international cricket since 2009 and has excelled in all areas. So far in one-day internationals, Jadeja has taken 188 wickets, ranking eighth among Indians. He also scored 1954 runs for India, averaging 36.18.

In 2013, Jadeja received the Golden Ball award for being one of the best bowlers in the world at the time. Throughout his career, he has also had seven 4-fers. He has a 4.92 economy and his best figures of 5/36 against the West Indies. Jadeja is India’s eighth-highest ODI wicket-taker.

MatchesInningsWicketsAverageBest Strike RateBBIEconomy5-wickets4-wickets


Irfan Pathan

Irfan Pathan is the fastest Indian to 100 ODI wickets (59 matches). Mohammad Shami broke his record by taking his wicket tally in only 56 matches.

He was also known for swinging the ball both right and left-handed, making him a top ODI wicket-taker. He played 9 years of One-Day Internationals before retiring due to injury after 2 years. He has a 29.72 average and a 5.26 economy. His best ODI bowling figures of 5/27 came against Sri Lanka. Irfan Pathan was the ninth-highest ODI wicket-taker with 173 wickets.

MatchesInningsWicketsAverageBest Strike RateBBIEconomy5-wickets4-wickets


Manoj Prabhakar

Manoj Prabhakar, the Indian all-rounder, was a superb bowler during his 13-year ODI career (1984-1996). In one-day internationals, he scored 1858 runs and took 157 wickets, demonstrating his ability to swing the ball from one end to the other. In ODIs, he had two 5-wicket hauls and four 4-wicket hauls.

His most ODI wickets came against New Zealand, where he also had his best figure (5/33). In one-day internationals, he has the tenth most wickets among Indians.

MatchesInningsWicketsAverageBest Strike RateBBIEconomy5-wickets4-wickets


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