Twitter to pay for bluetick: Elon Musk

Want your Twitter account to be verified? Consider reading this. According to reports, the microblogging site will charge users for verified accounts. The Verge said that the current price point for the new Blue subscription is $19.99 (or roughly $1,600). Twitter is owned by Elon Musk.

In 2021, Twitter Blue was introduced, giving users exclusive access to premium features like the ability to edit and undo tweets. According to the article, users would now have to subscribe to Twitter Blue in order to have their accounts verified. On the other hand, current Blue members will have 90 days to upgrade or risk losing their blue tick. Currently, a $4.99 Twitter Blue subscription is required.

According to The Verge’s source, staff working on the project were informed on Sunday that failing to launch the feature by the deadline of November 7 will result in their termination.

Elon Musk also acknowledged in a tweet that the entire verification procedure is now being reorganized. Musk responded to a user who asked for online assistance in verifying his Twitter account by saying, “The entire verification process is being overhauled right now.”

What does it imply if a Twitter account is verified?
The blue Verified symbol on Twitter lets users know that a public-interest account is legitimate, according to the help page. Your account must be well-known and active in order to be verified. Anyone can currently apply for Verification. The website divides well-known accounts into various categories. These include the following: the government, news outlets, journalists, businesses, companies, and organizations; the entertainment, sports, and gaming industries; activists and organizers; and content producers and powerful people.

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