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Virat Kohli should be left alone as the India batter.

India Batter makes the case for leaving Virat Kohli alone by saying, “Don’t Think We Have Any Right.”

With scores of 16 and 17, Virat Kohli struggled to get into a groove during the just concluded ODI series against England.

So Virat Kohli’s recent performance has garnered a lot of attention, and the batter has had difficulty attaining high scores. With scores of 16 and 17, Kohli failed to get into his stride during the just concluded ODI series against England. He had already failed in the Edgbaston Test and the T20I series against England. The T20 World Cup champion Robin Uthappa has now come out in favor of the batter, saying that he should be given space because he is capable of handling the circumstance.

“While Virat Kohli was scoring runs and hammering hundreds of runs, no one advised him to play a particular method. I don’t think we have the right to tell him how to play right now. He has 700 marks due to his own talent, and he will probably receive another 30 or 35. Robin Uthappa made a statement in the ShareChat audio chatroom, according to India Today.

To play cricket, he has to be left alone. He is the best at knowing what suits him, and if he acknowledges a problem, I believe he can handle it alone. He just needs space to be himself, that’s all. Added he

Both the five-match T20I series and the ongoing ODI series against the West Indies will be played without Kohli. So Kohli is free to decide whether or not to take a nap, according to Uthappa.

If he determines that a break is necessary, he is free to do so. If he feels obliged to compete in a specific series or event, let him take part. Don’t question his presence there. So he is among the elite athletes in the world and a recognized match-winner. We don’t have the right, the power, or the backing to question his ability to win games or his standing on our squad, declared Uthappa.

Since his previous international century against Bangladesh in a day-night Test at Eden Gardens in November 2019, Kohli has failed to reach the three-figure mark.

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