why Indian cricketers can’t play foreign T20 leagues

Rahul Dravid explains why Indian cricketers can’t play foreign T20 leagues


Since many of these competitions take place during India’s domestic season, Indian cricket coach Rahul Dravid said it is challenging to allow Indian players to participate in international T20 leagues.

The topic came up when Dravid was asked whether India would consider sending players to the Big Bash League (BBL) in the future. India’s players, who lack Big Bash League (BBL) experience in Australia compared to players from England who have plenty of it, were at a disadvantage during their semi-final setback.

There is no denying the fact that many of England’s players have traveled to this country to compete, Dravid said. “This tournament undoubtedly demonstrated it. It’s tough. I think it’s very difficult for Indian cricket because a lot of these tournaments happen right in the peak of our season.”

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Dravid mentioned how difficult it is for the men in blue. Yes, I believe that many of our boys may miss out on the chance to play in many of these leagues, but if you were to… it would really be up to the BCCI to decide.

The BBL takes place in the middle of the Indian domestic season, he added, so if all Indian players were allowed to compete in these events, India would not have a domestic cricket tournament. “Our domestic first-class trophy, the Ranji Trophy, would be over, and with it, the end of Test cricket,”

“I know a lot of people talk about it, but we need to be very careful and understand the difficulties that either Indian cricket or the BCCI would encounter in such a circumstance. You would observe all of our boys—indeed, a lot of boys—being asked to participate in leagues in the midst of our season “He went on.

“We have seen the damage that has been done to West Indian cricket as a result, and I would definitely not want Indian cricket to follow the same path. It would undoubtedly have an impact on the Ranji Trophy and Test cricket. I believe that Indian boys playing Test cricket is very important for the Test game as well “said Dravid.

Participating in international T20 tournaments has proven to be a divisive issue in Indian cricket. The bigger worry is that more players may decide to forego first-class cricket, undermining the system that has produced a strong Test team, even if the BCCI limits participation in these T20 leagues to those without aspirations of playing the sport.

Although other clubs also face this problem, the demand for Indian players would be much higher from a commercial perspective.

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