Russia banned by World Sport over invasion of Ukraine

The fight between Russia & Ukraine has started where Russia is highly criticized for invading Ukraine.

Several countries United States, European Union, United Kingdom, Canada imposed restrictions banning Russian central banks from SWIFT crippling their investment. Many international countries would also join the race to support Ukraine

The Sports community around the world also started banning them.

FIFA bans Russia for participating in World Cup

FIFA banned Russia from the World Cup qualifying matches giving a big blow to the footballers. Russia had a qualifying match against Poland in March for World Cup at Qatar later this year. Opponent teams also resisted in playing match against them.

International Olympic Committee

IOC board urged all International Federations to relocate or cancel the sports events currently played in Russia or Belarus.

UEFA shifts Champions League Final

UEFA removed them from hosting UEFA Champions League Final match moving from St. Petersbug to the Stade de France in Paris. Many major tournaments are getting cancelled following their invasion.

Russian F1 Grand Prix cancelled

Formula One stated it is impossible to stage Grand Prix  after their invasion in Ukraine.

International Judo Federation suspended Vladimir Putin from the honorary president post. Junior swimming World Championship too moved from Russia. Other events which also are affected are Skiing, Badminton World Federation (BWF), Ice Skating & Volleyball.

Moving tournaments from Russia and banning them is going to hugely impact Russian Athletes and Players. Sponsors supporting the tournaments would suffer a huge loss.

Ukraine’s entry in joining NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) is one of the major reasons which led the war between Ukraine & Russia. Thing are getting difficult for Russia as all major countries are supporting Ukraine. Russian Currency is getting depreciated with the economy & stock market falling greatly.

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